Avoid a Holiday Mess with These Food Travel Tips

When you travel this holiday season chances are that you might be taking food along. Unless you enjoy cleaning up food spills in your vehicle, you want to make sure that your food is secured in airtight containers. Be sure to pack food in insulated containers to keep cold food cold and hot foods hot. This is especially important if you are traveling a long way.

Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and don't rush. Count on the roads being busier this time of year, and you may encounter bad weather conditions. Take it easy when you drive and take those turns slowly so that your food does not go flying.

We'd also suggest you put everything inside of a cardboard box. Why? Because if a spill does occur in spite of your precautions, a box can contain the mess, so you're not stuck cleaning your car.

Have a great time this holiday and if you find yourself in the mood for a new car, get in touch with Wagner Kia in Shrewsbury, MA. Our sales staff would be happy to run you through the new car options available to you.

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