Kia Soul Interior Features

Three Essential Interior Features

When you are behind the wheel of your Kia model vehicle, you want to be comfortable. You also want an interior that is sleek and good looking. When it comes to the Kia Soul, it has it all. Check out a few of its features below!

  1. Heated and Ventilated Seats: This feature brings the best of both worlds. It allows you to have cool and comfortable seating in the summer and heated seating in the winter. These seats are available for the front and rear seats, so your passengers can stay comfortable too.
  2. Ambient Lights: The interior of this vehicle sports ambient lights. These allow you to set the mood in the interior of your vehicle easily. They also respond to your music, changing the light color and intensity with the music.
  3. Harman/Kardon ® Audio System with Center Speaker, Subwoofer and External Amplifier: These available speakers are essential for folks that enjoy listening to music. They deliver a crisp and clear sound that is unlike any other.
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