When to Be Concerned About Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Keeping a closer eye on the tire pressure and shape of the car tires can go a long way in helping avoid a tire blowout.

If the tire pressure indicator shows the tire pressure is only off a pound, but later in the day turns off, it could be the effect of weather on the tires. For every ten degrees the temperature drops, you'll lose one pound of air pressure. It's important to note the tires are already losing one pound of air pressure every month naturally.

Things to be concerned about is when you see bulges in sidewall or cracks in the tire tread. Small sections of tread coming free from the tire could be serious, and any obstructions in the tread could be allowing air to escape and increase the risk of the tire blowing out while on the highway.

The team at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury can inspect the car tires and address any pressure indicator issues.

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