Is Your Car Ready for Freezing Temperatures?

Whether you're taking a short commute or long-distance road trip in the winter, you should make sure that your car is ready to deal with harsh conditions. Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury provides the following tips for winter driving.

Freezing temperatures can adversely impact several important mechanical and electrical systems in a car. You can take simple measures to prevent major damage to various components under the hood. For example, the coolant reservoir must be filled with a solution that contains at least 50 percent of antifreeze, which is formulated to withstand temperatures below the freezing point of water. You should never pour pure water into the coolant reservoir of a vehicle.

The windshield washer system might also be impacted by freezing conditions. For instance, the nozzles under the wipers and hoses from the washer tank might be clogged with ice on an extremely cold day. You can use toothpicks and needles to gently unclog such formations.



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