Transmissions - What They Need for Servicing

Whether your vehicle has an automatic transmission, a CVT transmission or a manual transmission, it’s going to need some service or preventative maintenance from time to time. To keep your transmission operating as efficiently as possible, stop in to our service center at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury and have it serviced. We can advise you on what it may need or set up periodic service visits.

Although the engine is what actually makes your vehicle run, it’s the transmission that allows it to move forward and reverse. The engine delivers power to the transmission, which then sends it to the wheel axles. Transmission fluid is what keeps it lubricated so it can do its job. Keeping it properly lubricated prevents little transmission problems from becoming big problems.

If you’ve never changed or added transmission fluid, it may be time for a fluid exchange. Call or visit us in Shrewsbury and get it done quickly.

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