Check Your Belts For Signs Of Wear

Responsible vehicle owners have a regular maintenance schedule where they either have their car serviced or check different components of their car to determine if they do need to be replaced. The different belts on your vehicle should be included in this check, but we here at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury that even the most responsible vehicle owners sometimes leave this out.

The different belts, like your timing belt or serpentine belt, can seem intimidating to check at first if you aren't familiar with how vehicles work. But once you locate them using your owner's manual it is a very simple process. With the vehicle off visually inspect the hoses for any signs of rubbing, cracks, damaging wear, or slippage. If you notice any of these signs chances are it is time to replace your belt soon.

Don't be caught on the side of the road with a busted belt. Regularly inspect your vehicle's belts and bring it into Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury for service as soon as you detect belt damage.
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