When Your Exhaust System is Leaking

When your exhaust system has a hole in it, your car is not going to be able to run properly. You may notice a smell coming up through your gear shaft or hear a loud noise as you are going down the highway. If you notice your car is not running like normal, head to Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury so we can take a closer look.

Your exhaust system is responsible for cleaning the air that moves through your combustion engine. When the air isn't cleaned properly, you will smell exhaust fumes. Your car may have trouble picking up speed and you will notice that your fuel efficiency is down.

A car that has a compromised exhaust system can't pick up speed fast enough and will often lose power as you are driving down the road. If your car is struggling to stay up to speed, it's time to get your car checked for an exhaust leak.

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