What Kind of Air Filters Are in Your Car?

You may have noticed that there are filters just about everywhere in your vehicle. Most filters involve fluid, like your oil filter and your fuel filter. While the fluid filters keep contaminants out of your critical fluid systems, air filters keep contaminants out of your combustion chamber and your cabin.

The engine air-filter sits immediately before your intake manifold or directly after it. In either case, the engine air filter blocks contaminants like sand, dirt, and pollens from entering your combustion chamber and inhibiting your burn. The cabin air-filter sits between the engine and the passenger cabin. The cabin air filter blocks contaminants from you. While the engine air filter is essential to protect the internal parts of your car’s engine, the cabin air filter is designed to protect you from harmful pollution.

At Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA, we can check your filters during every oil service.

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