Tips for Extending Your Suspension System’s Lifespan

Most modern suspension systems are designed to last for decades, but you need to properly maintain that system if you want to avoid unnecessary damage. Ignoring the suspension system could result in broken mounts, air leaks, and tire blowouts. These few tips and tricks will prolong the life of your suspension system and prevent expensive damage.

One of the best ways to protect this system is to keep your tires properly inflated at all times. You also need to visually inspect the tires once a week and have them rotated whenever you change the oil. If you don’t have the proper tools, then you must have the tires professionally aligned as well.

In addition to these few tips and tricks, you should also have the entire car serviced at least two or three times a year. The service team at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury is here to help residents of Shrewsbury, MA and the surrounding communities with all of their maintenance and repair needs.

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