Stay Safe In the Snow With A Winter Readiness Pack

Imagine this scenario: it's a late night in Shrewsbury. You're driving home from a relative's house and you feel a bit tired. Not paying as much attention as you should have, you drive over a patch of black ice and slide into a nearby fence. You're unharmed, but the grass around the fence was part ice, part mud, part mush-- and now your car is stuck.

What would you do next? If you had a winter survival kit in your car, you wouldn't even need to call roadside assistance. You could use the sand, gravel, or kitty litter in your kit to create enough traction for you to drive right out.

This is just one of the many potential uses for a winter readiness kit, and one of the many reasons you could keep one around. Here at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury, we want to keep you and our streets safe this winter.



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