How Cold Weather Can Impact Your Car's Battery

How often have you started your vehicle in the winter only to find that it won't start? You may be surprised to find that this can happen during hot summer days as well. Our service team here at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury understands the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and are here to help.

Temperature extremes can cause your car's battery capacity to be lowered. If your vehicle has a lead-acid battery, its capacity can drop about 20% during freezing temperatures and up to 50% if temperatures drop further to -22 degrees.

Higher temperatures in the summer can cause your battery to have a shorter life. Most batteries have a standard operating temperature of 77 degrees. When the battery is heated above this temperature, it can cause the electrolyte solution to evaporate over time. This can lead to you needing to replace your car's battery sooner than expected.



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