Odd Sounds And Scents From Your Exhaust

There's nothing like getting in your car and driving up the road while hearing a loud noise from the back of your car. This is often one of the signs that you might have a leaking exhaust. The sound could be louder when accelerating in Shrewsbury and can sometimes be heard underneath your car instead of from the muffler.

Another common sign that you have an exhaust leak is the smell of gas when you get out of the car. This odor is usually stronger at the back of the car near the muffler. You could also smell a burning sensation from your muffler or from underneath your car.

Sometimes, you might notice signs underneath your hood. You'll usually notice similar signs that include smoke from under the hood or a burning smell. Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury can examine your exhaust to determine the severity of the leak and exactly where it's coming from under your car.



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