Come See Why Kia Leases are Customer Friendly


If you're looking at our quality new Kia selection, we're confident that you're going to find plenty of appeal across the entire lineup. That's because Kia has long satisfied drivers with options that are reliable, efficient, stylish and offer standout technology and safety. To get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, leasing a new Kia makes plenty of sense. Here at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury you can learn all about the latest lease offers and see why they're customer friendly for you!

Lease offers allow you to find a flexible monthly payment option and depending on the vehicle you choose, you can find terms that work for drivers. A lease means you're making payments over a set period and once that's done you can put yourself in a position to have choices when it's time to do so. You can either lease a brand new vehicle with similar, low cost terms, or you can decide to purchase your leased vehicle at it's remaining resale cost. You also have the ability to go in a different direction should you choose.

The leases here are customer friendly not only because of the price and terms, but because of what you're getting with a new Kia. You can find quality connective features that allow for smartphone pairing. There's also fun driving dynamics with paddle-shifters on many models to give yourself a manual feel with an automatic transmission. You can also discover the versatility and spaciousness of any one of our options and that makes it a standout for families and individuals alike. With the help of our lease and finance team, you can take a closer look at the different options and take test drives today.

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