Should You Get Summer Tires Or All-Season Tires?

We at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury want you to be safe on the road throughout the year. A key component of safe driving is making sure you have the proper tires on your vehicle for the road conditions you will encounter.

Summer tires are superior to all-season tires in wet and hot conditions. They are made out of a sticky rubber blend material that let them better grip the pavement when it is hot and wet outside. Choose them if you are constantly driving around in wet or hot conditions.

The all-season tire is not as good when it is hot or pouring outside. The plus to these kinds of tires is that they handle snow and ice better than summer tires do. They also tend to last longer and can be rotated to extend their lifespan.

Both summer tires and all-season tires have their pros and cons. Summer tires will give you better braking and control when it is raining and scorching hot outside. The all-season tires won't perform as well in such conditions, but they will last longer.



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