Many of us are happy with just having rear-view mirrors. However, technology has come to a point where vehicles offer more than just something that enables you to see behind you. Auto-dimming rear-view mirrors is one of the features that are great to have because of the advantage you get on the road.

Auto-dimming rear-view are made with the purpose of dimming the bright lights of an oncoming vehicle so that you can see better. The bright light leaves something known as a Troxler effect. The dimming mirrors manage to not only avoid glare, but also the residual effect.

The way the auto-dimming mirrors work is by using the sensors built into the mirror. These would either be photodiobe-based photodetectors or cameras. If glare is detected, then these sensors work with the microprocessor to send a charge to the electrochromatic gel which will dim the mirrors and reduce the glare.



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