Brightly illuminated car headlights brighten the path so driving at night is possible -and safe. Visit Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury if your headlights do not shine brightly. Replacing the bulb or cleaning the headlights improves visibility so you no longer struggle to see the road ahead.

Most vehicle headlights contain bulbs that can be replaced to restore brightness. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, our professionals may need to remove the bumper during the installation process. Replace bulbs every two years before they wear out. Older headlight housing should be replaced rather than the bulb itself, especially if it is cracked or if there are other types of damage. Our technicians quickly replace headlight housing at a reasonable cost. Dull headlights? Perhaps headlight restoration is all that you need to remove the yellowing, dull appearance that blocks the road ahead when driving. It's another of our services.

Headlight services maximize night vision when driving when it's most important. Do not drive with headlights that do not properly illuminate the way!


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