Repairing Windshield Chips

Our commitment is to support and service your vehicle long after you leave our dealership, which is why we want you to be well-informed about what you can do when your windshield is damaged by flying debris as you're driving in Shrewsbury. A chip in your windshield is as unexpected as it is frustrating, but here at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury, we want you to know that you don’t have to replace your entire vehicle’s windshield to repair it. There is a quick alternative offered by glass repair services that involve injecting the crack with resin that bonds to glass and helps strengthen it. Once it dries solid, it makes your glass much less likely to crack. In most cases, the chip will not be noticeable to the casual observer.

Chips vs. Cracks

​When should you not use the quick liquid resin method of repairing damage to your windshield? When it’s not a small chip (which often looks like a little starburst), take notice of the size of the damage. If there is a long crack, particularly if the crack is larger than a dollar bill, as a rule of thumb, this is when you want to consider a replacement. However, the majority of flying debris only causes chipping or pitting, rather than significant cracking.

The faster you get the chip repaired and the cleaner the chipped area is at the time of repair, the less damage is likely to occur. So don’t wait. If your windshield sustains a chip while you’re driving or while your vehicle is parked, get it repaired right away.


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