Excellent handling, fuel efficiency and plenty of tech features are a few reasons why the Kia Niro is such a popular crossover SUV. This hybrid vehicle should be on your list of SUVs to test drive.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning

The Niro offers a rear cross-traffic collision warning when you’re reversing and there’s a person, pet or object in your path. The warning received is both audible and visual. While safety precautions should always be a priority, this feature allows you to reverse without worrying so much about an approaching vehicle.

Google Assistant

Whether you spend a short amount of time each day in your vehicle or hours during a road trip, accessing Google Assistant in a Kia Niro will simplify your life. Being able to issue voice commands will also boost safety.

How does it feel to drive a Kia Niro? Find out firsthand by taking one for a test drive. You can do that here at Wagner Kia of Shrewsbury.


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